What works best for you?


option 1: 

(most popular)

Send us your sizes via email

With this option you will simply collect all the sizes for the order yourself. Then, you will send us the list via email. Great for:

  • larger orders
  • orders with names on the back (such as jerseys)
  • orders that are mandatory for all participants

Payment: With this option, you will simply send us one check with the full order's price (payment will come from one primary source). 

Examples: bid day, philanthropy, chapter orders etc. 

option 2: 

Send us you sizes via online store

What will happen here is we will send you a link to a personalized online store. Here you will have all participants send us their size and name (if applicable) on their own time. Online stores are great if your organization or business is offering an optional product or if your order is less time-sensitive. 

Payment: With an online store, each individual will pay separately (payment will come from multiple sources).

Examples: formals, family and other optional orders