Minimum orders


If you have ordered custom shirts before you may have heard the term "Minimum Order". Minimum orders exist due to the time and materials we must invest before the first shirt is printed. For most orders that investment will be $150 per order. This includes the design time, screen preparation, and initial press setup. This cost is the same whether we print 1 shirt or 100 shirts.

Using that $150 cost as an example, if you need an order of just 5 shirts, the cost per shirt would be $30 just to cover the initial costs. This does not include the cost of the blank apparel, print production, shipping, or any other overhead costs we have. But if you need an order of 50 shirts, that same $150 cost is now $3/shirt and after adding in the cost of the blank apparel and printing we can provide the finished shirts at a much more reasonable price. 

Typically our minimum order for screen printing is 24 shirts but it may be higher depending on the details of the order. If we have a high number of print colors or must spend several hours on the design and revisions then that upfront cost rises and therefore the minimum order rises in order to keep the final shirt price reasonable.

Before we start on an order we will give you an estimated price and minimum quantity based on the details of your order. If you have any questions regarding a specific order please contact 

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